Seasonal vegetable soup, lime, honey and yoghurt 1500,-
Beef consommé, quail egg and smoked duck 1500,-
Goulash Soup 1500,-

Cold Appetizers
" Garden greens ", celery and hazel vinaigrette 1900.-
Marinated salmon, fennel and sparkling wine 2900.-
Mangalica spare ribs, speck and goose breast 3200.-
Hot Appetizers

Grilled goat cheese, aubergine, apple and olives 2500,-
Risotto, smoked trout, ruccola and shimei mushroom 2600,-
Steamed-baked meatloaf, green peas, cauliflower and carrot 2300,-

Main Courses
Sea bream, buckwheat, fennel and dill 5300,-
Duck breast filet, basil, mascarpone and sour cherry 4900,-
Mangalica Cheek,potato dumpling, sausage and parsley 4800,-
" Chicken paprikás " and sour cream 4300,-
Lamb duo, potato, cabbage and pak choi 7500,-
Pork medallions, carrot cake, pear and blue cheese 5600,-
Veal cutlet, sweet potato and porcini 6800,-
Angus Beef Budapest Style 7900,-

Panna cotta, truffle and hazelnut  1800,-
Cheese cake, pear, apple and pistachio 1800,-
Lemon cake, strawberry sorbet and basil 1800,-
Somló cake new style 2000,-
Selection of Cheeses 3000,-
For our Vegetarien Guests we Prepaire Vegetarian Food too!