Pumpkin Cream Soup with Roasted Mushrooms 1200,-
Pheasant Consommé with Ravioli 1800,-
Goulash Soup 1200,-

Cold Appetizers  
Mixed Salad 1900.-
Smoked Sturgeon with Wasabi-Sour Cream  Mousse 2600.-
Venison Paté with Pistachio and Fig-Red Onion Marmalade 2200.-
Hot Appetizers

Ricotta Gnocchi with Beetroot 1900,-
Ravioli Stuffed with Shrimps 2400,-
Poached Eggs with Mushroom Velouté 1900,-

Main Courses  
Dorade with Pumpkin Puree and Flap Mushroom 4800,-
Rosé Duck Breast with Quince Textures 3900,-
Mangalica Tenderloin and Cheek with Cauliflowers 4200,-
Leg of Rabbit with Bacon 3800,-
Veal Shank with Seasonal Vegetables 4600,-
Lamb Shank with Lentil and Roasted Potato 4100,-
Beef Sirloin with Potato Soufflé 6100,-
Saddle of Venison with Beetroot Puree, Mushroom and Polenta 7800,-

Pumpkin Mousse with Chestnut Ice Cream  1300,-
Peanut-Passion Fruit Cake 1300,-
Cottage Cheese Mousse with White Chocolate and Fennel Ice Cream 1300,-
Dobos Cake our Style 1300,-
Selection of Cheeses 3000,-
For our Vegetarien Guests we Prepaire Vegetarian Food too!