Vegetable Soup of the Day with Yogurt  1500,-
Gooseconsommé 1500,-
Goulash Soup 1500,-

Cold Appetizers
Seasonal Mixed Salad with Lime and Pear 1900.-
Smoked Trout with 'Bloody Mary' 2900.-
Beef Tounge with Horseradish-Blackberry 2500.-
Hot Appetizers

Grilled Goat Cheese with Cherry Tomatoes and Salad 2500,-
Seabream with Mixed Mushroom and Polenta 2900,-
Home Made Noodle with Steamed Mangalica Meatloaf 2600,-

Main Courses
Trout Filet with Goat Cheese Pancake and Black Tea-Beetroot 4800,-
Rose Duck Breast with Sour Cherries Variation and Potato Soufflé 4600,-
Mangalica Cheek with Cabbage Noodle and Foie Gras Velouté 5100,-
Chickenleg with Violet-Yogurt and Endive 4100,-
Lambshank with Bluecheese-Poelta and Green Pea 5200,-
Pork Tenderloin with Flap Mushroom and Noodles 5600,-
Beef Cheek "Vadas" Style 5100,-
Beef Budapest Style 7800,-

Cottage Cheese Strudel New Style  1500,-
Apple pie 1500,-
Yogurt Fruitcake 1500,-
Dobos Cake 1500,-
Selection of Cheeses 3000,-
For our Vegetarien Guests we Prepaire Vegetarian Food too!